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"I had a great experience working out my tax issues with the Walker Group.  They were able to solve my
IRS tax issues through an Offer In Compromise. As a disabled veteran, I wanted to work for the V.A. but
they will not hire you if you have a tax lien filed against you. The Walker Group helped reduced my total
tax liability and get my Federal Tax Lien removed. I can now work for the V.A.!”

-Mark M., US Veteran

Testimonials: Text

"I have been a client of the Walker Group for years. They are assisting me with both federal
and state tax issues as well as handling my tax preparation. I was very pleased by the
positive outlook of the entire staff throughout my IRS Offer In Compromise process. The
IRS approved our very minimal Offer which took a great load off of me and my wife. We are
close to retirement age and finally feel like we will have the ability to retire! We now have
hope and a positive outlook for our future.”

– Jake, Local Business Owner

Testimonials: Text
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